List of highest and least earning Youtube video topics

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Youtube videos are good for making a steady second income for bloggers and full-time mainstream income for those who are serious into it. Be it anyway, it is necessary to know which type of videos earn more than others? What are the criteria of earning and video topic selection? This article shows the most and least earning Youtube video topics of all time. It seems that this list will be valid for another 3-5 years to come, because the basic instincts of man doesnt usually change over a course of 5 years.

Choosing a video topic depends upon many factors. Your interest in the subject, knowledge, equipment availability, cost effectiveness etc. influence well on videos you produce. Here we are discussing about videos you can create with minimalist equipment and facilities.

Have a close watch on the info-graphic below. It depicts almost all topics one can use for money making. It also contains normal number of views you can expect and how much money made per 1000 views on videos of that topics.

Youtube video View count to Money making relationship

Is there any connection between views count and money made? Yes, more views means more money. However this is not exclusively applicable for all videos. Some video topics are there such that you will be paid 100 times more than highly viewed topics. So, which are the topics that earn more and which are the low paying ones? Let us find here.

Please note that videos that go viral doesn’t fall under these. 

List of highest earning Youtube video topics

This list contains the highest earning topics in a descending order. First one is the higher earning topic while the last ones are also good but needs more views to get as much income as the first ones. However, videos that require more number of views usually achieve that view count more easily.

1. Credit card reviews

Reviews of best credit card with explanations on how they excel and why one should buy it. Make sure that the video wont feel like an advertisement. Mention advantages and disadvantages alike.

2. Mortgage/loan related videos

Settling loans is not an easy thing. So people look for loans with lowest financial burden and ideas to close their loans. Videos that help for that are ranked among highest paying because advertisements of loans are displayed along with them which are paying you ultimately.

3. Insurance

People are worried about their future. So they invest in insurance plans. Some plans are mandatory for some situations like automobile insurance. Insurance companies are among the highest profit reaping businesses. They share good amounts of money in advertising and there you get your share.

4. Stock trading

Stock trading advice and similar financial advice are absolutely essential among investors. They regularly watch your videos and become subscribers if worthy enough. Moreover, money is the commodity here and so advertisements are always costly here. That cost indirectly falls into your pocket as well.

5. Engineering projects

Engineering projects of all kind are required by engineers across the globe. You can add paid subscription or adsense to monetise the content.  Ads earn you lot of money because of advertisements related with suppliers of engineering products.

6. Web hosting reviews

Web hosting is a very profitable business. That is why it has a lot of competition. Service quality of good firms have reached its optimum. So, to increase business all they can do is to advertise heavily. Hope the rest is understood.

7. Health products

I know that this title is too broad and generic. It covers everything from fitness, weight loss, body building, diseases, curing, palliative care, yoga, physiotherapy etc. But I purposefully added all under one roof because all of these sub-topics are good in earning a lot of ads revenue.

8. Automobiles review

A man will buy only a few cars in his lifetime, mostly one or two. Choosing a car that offers comfort, performance, status, low maintenance costs etc. is not an easy task. So they watch video reviews for getting expert advice. Here you go. Video reviews of cars, motorbikes, other automobiles, its parts and accessories earn a lot of revenue. Make arrangements with dealerships to get test drives and video-shoots required for your videos.

9. Electronic gadget reviews

Electronic gadgets are really cheap to make, once a prototype is made. A high end mobile phone with cost just 20-30$ in manufacturing. That is why we see emerging gadget companies every now and then. Gadget review videos usually get a lot of views and also good revenue.

10. SEO, online marketing, blogging guides

Entrepreneurship being a celebrated topic nowadays, is in its earning stage. Videos explaining these topics are viewed by many. Also, a lot many tools and products are out there for sale, shelling out money for advertisement. They pay you via adsense.

11. Tutorial courses

Tutorial courses on a large number of topics are available in Youtube. The number grows every day exponentially. You also have a chance to teach something. Apart from earning money, you earn fame and a good fan base based on your performance and knowledge. Courses can be on any good topics like teaching languages, using computer applications, preparing for a particular exam, using a specific equipment etc.

Lowest earning video topics

As we see high earning topics, there are videos which are viewed by many but earn only in pennies. Here is a list of such videos.

  1. Movie reviews
  2. Sports incidents
  3. Accidents and crashes
  4. funny clips
  5. CCTV footages
  6. Full movies and documentaries
  7. Videos on subjects like – Literature, history, economics,
  8. Political satires and discussions
  9. fashion reviews
  10. Street food reviews
  11. DIY projects, crafts
  12. News
  13. Working of mechanical equipment
  14. Common recipes


Hope this article was useful and contain almost all main points. Let the discussion continue. Please let us know what I left. See you in comments below. Sharing is most welcomed.



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