7 Easy practical ways to make money with Youtube

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How can you make money with Youtube? Question seems strange? You can make money with Youtube using the most famous method-Google Ads. But is it the only method? No my friend. Youtube is not just a platform for entertainment. It is a powerful money-making tool too. Here are the exotic methods I use to make money with it.

1. Paid advertisement videos

Contact local businesses near you with a video advertisement idea. If they are okay with your project, make a mind-blowing ad video for them and upload to Youtube. You can charge on a per video basis, per minute basis or even per 1000 views or so. Don’t forget to mention your name and contact details in the video so that other business people can contact you for making videos for them.

Skills needed: You must be good at videography. You should have decent devices or options to source the needed. Animation works also sell well if you are good at it. Good editing skills to grab the hearts for clients and viewers.

2. Affiliate marketing of products through videos

If you are good at explaining features of products and comparing them with competitors in market, this method suits you. You can review a single product or compare a group of competing products and rank them. Don’t forget to provide affiliate links with videos so that viewers who buy the product by clicking the link will earn you a share of profit. Healthcare, banking, finance, automobiles are the top topics for this method.

3. Mention products/services/brands in your videos for money

You can charge a fairly good amount on a pay-per-view basis for mentioning names of brands/services/products in your videos. Once a video go viral, you can earn hell-lot of money with it. Make sure that the video you are making is somewhat relevant to the product you are going to mention about. For example, it is a good idea to mention the name of a sports shoes in a video about 10 health benefits of jogging 20 mins daily. You can introduce the product as if you were using it for last 3 months or planning to buy it as an upgrade from your current worn-out shoes.

4. Sell your own products/services

Why selling products of others? Make/design a few products by yourself and sell them. Is it hard? It seems you haven’t read our guide on designing and making a product of your taste. Products like ebooks, quote printed Tshirts, caps, keychains, custom made tools and so on, the list goes never ending. You may mention the products in the videos you make to advertise them. Also mention a short web address so that the viewer can try the link easily to shop your products.

A car sticker I sell through Youtube mentioning

5. Sell video training programs using short teaser videos

Everyone is good at something or other. If you are good at something legal (just kidding) and know how to convey it to others, this method is for you. Create training programs with solid content and upload them on a website. Publish teaser videos on Youtube for advertising your programs. Those who are interested will come to your website to purchase access to the original program and hence the money made.

6. Charge money from viewers for personal one-to-one support

Talk about something unique, which you have authentic knowledge about. Be available to the viewers for asking doubts. Charge them a nominal fee for clearing their specific doubts. I, through my another website for pilots, www.pilot18.com implemented this method. Through a personal whatsapp support, I will clear the doubts of newbies who wish to become a pilot. I charge $5 USD for clearing specific doubts through whatsapp chat and phone. I got more than 70 members in just one month with this strategy. Make sure that the information you give is valuable and in need quite often. For example, somebody will pay you for your advice regarding Yoga. But don’t expect the same for advising someone for buying a new iphone, however good you are at, reviewing the product.

7. Get paid for private video channel access

Youtube recently came up with their private channel feature in which users can take paid subscription to view videos of certain channels. Create such a channel and upload great content regularly and sell subscription through Youtube. If you have a group of more than 5000 active subscribers, you can earn a decent amount monthly.

Is there anything I missed apart from the regular Google Adsense Youtube program? If yes, just let me know. In fact I don’t know anything other than these methods. It would be great if you can share anything more, through comments below. Did I forget to say that I will take the pleasure to publish your ideas too, with due mentioning of your name?



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