Ultimate guide to prepare any Youtube/stock video yourself

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Have heard of Pew Die Pie who earned $15 million USD through Youtube last year, and 9 other who combined earned 75 million USD from Youtube? If no, the story is here. Now, let us think about creating Youtube videos ourselves at low cost, aiming at big money. Read their story here.

Great equipment can certainly produce great videos. But great videos doesnt need great equipment as a must have. So, for startups, it is better to start with what you have, utilising available resources to its maximum. Let us discuss everything, point by point about creating videos.

  1. Types of videos
  2. Equipment
  3. Topic list
  4. Storyboard
  5. Direction
  6. Post production-Editing, apps, software, formats
  7. Uploading and video SEO
  8. Promotion

1. Types of videos

When we hear about video making, what comes in our mind first? High end cameras and equipment, right? In the real world, there are many types of videos and some of them doesnt even require a camera in the prime sense. Here is a list of various types of high earning Youtube videos.

a. Video classes

Shooting our own videos, teaching or simply talking, interview with some people etc. come under this category. You need a calm and quiet atmosphere, good ambient lighting and good voice capturing for shooting this type of videos.

b. Action videos

Use an action camera with a wide lens to capture your adventurous actions. Audio quality is of not much importance and so, built-in-microphones can do the task. Underwater video shooting, aerial video recording using copters, videos of car & bike races, sports, adventure trips etc. comes under this.

c. Demonstration videos

Demo videos of products doesnt even need video capturing. Videos showing just photos and audio played in the background comes under this category. Videos about many products can be made this way. Health and fitness videos showing different fruits, vegetables etc. are made this way.

d. Albums, documentaries and short-films

These videos require the best of all worlds. Great cameras, audio recording equipment, high end lighting etc. gives the best possible results. Here also, you can do cost-cutting wisely without affecting output.

2. Equipment for Youtube video making

a. Cameras

Even the basic mobile phones under $100 can produce 1080p full HD videos now-a-days. The top end cameras can produce 4K and 8K videos. For Youtube, you need just 1080p full HD videos only, as a standard. For that, I insist going with action cameras like Go Pro Hero (3,4,5 etc) or good mobile phones or even a good Point & Shoot camera. DSLRs are better avoided, as it takes time for focusing on the subject. If you are very good at manual focusing, then DSLRs like Canon 600D, 700D, 1200D, Nikon 5300, 7700 etc. can give the best results.

Action cameras like Go Pro Hero, Garmin VIRB etc. have fish-eye lenses which capture a very wide angle with distortions in the margins of videos. Their output clarity is excellent and you dont miss any details. Zooming in and out are impossible and so, shoot action videos only with such cameras.

Mobile phone cameras from good brands offer good quality videos and tweaking can be done using sophisticated apps like Frame Lapse, Filmic, Camera FV-5 etc. Read a review of video capture apps here.. Using them with good quality mobile phone results in wonderful videos.

Point & Shoot cameras are dedicated devices for capturing videos and photos. So they can offer  better quality output than mobile phones. However, you cannot install apps and so manual control of every aspect is impossible. However you can edit the videos later to give it desired effects. For video shoots, I recommend Canon IXUS (also called as ELPH in some countries) series of cameras, which costs between $99 and $250 (6000 to 20,000 Rs INR). They capture professional quality photos as well.

b. Lighting

Natural lighting is best for shooting. However, it may not be available all the time.  You may use LED video lights or even make one at home  as a DIY video light project. Learn using multiple lights and experiment with it at various angles to get desired results.

c. Microphones

Microphones are used to record audios. Mobile phones and most of the cameras support external microphones. But why should you use external microphones? Built-in-microphones are usually of good quality but they fail in delivering quality output. This is because they are designed to capture audio from the closest to the farthest of the surroundings. But while recording a video class, sound from the teacher only should be recorded. In such cases, an external microphone will be helpful. Here is a simple guide to make a DIY collar Microphone.

d. Quadcopter

Quadcopters with action cameras fitted, can be used to shoot amazing videos at never ever used angles and heights. Shooting landscapes, wild animals, birds etc. can be done easily and safely using quadcopters.


e. Tripods and Rigs

Tripods and handheld rigs are must sometimes, while your videos are prone to shakes and blurring. They can even help you to shoot without the help of anyone else. Anyway, for shooting indoors, buying tripods and rigs are unwanted expenses. Instead, try making DIY tripods for your camera, like I did.

f. Other accessories

I am not discussing about other accessories which are equally important, like waterproof casing for cameras, camera backpack, memory cards, pendrives, laptop, wireless flash controllers, wi-fi camera apps, batteries, power bank, chargers etc. But remember all these while going out for shooting.

3. Topic list preparation before shooting

You should create a list of videos before starting production and direction. Visit Youtube and similar sites to find videos with large number of views in a short time. Trending video topics means, there is room for further more videos. Watch a few videos and get some ideas from them. Prepare a list of videos which require similar background, equipment and time. Arrange materials needed for such videos and proceed to make a storyboard.

4. Story board

Storyboard of a video is a frame by frame analysis of what should appear where and when. You can draw some frames or frame the idea in your mind. Write down the dialogues (if any), and add to the timeline. Once the storyboard is ready, it is time for direction.

5. Direction

If everything is ready, it is now time for direction. Shoot the video as per your idea. If you feel some part is not so good, re-take it. You can choose from the best, later. Make sure that you shot everything (need not be in order), and now, we can move to the editing part.

6. Editing and finalising

Editing your video footage in your computer to a final product is the last task. Synchronising audio with video, adding frame transitions, background music, commentaries, insight pictures, text etc. comes under this part. Dont forget to add watermark of your blog, copyright text and static ads, if needed, etc. For video editing, I recommend Cyberlink power director and Final cut pro for Windows and Mac users respectively. Many open source video editors are also available and so choose the one which you are comfortable with. You can edit videos in your mobile phone too, with numerous video editing apps in the market. Play the videos from beginning to end and verify yourself that everything is fine and in place, before uploading. Also keep a frame or image from the video handy, to publish the icon of video. Icon image must be of good quality and make visitor eager to watch the video.

7. Uploading and post production works

Uploading videos to your Youtube channel is the next step. Give it a catchy title and add keywords which potential users may search for, to find your video. Use the saved image as the icon. Enable adsense in the video if you wish to make money from the visits.

8. Promotional activities

Once you have done uploading, it is now the time to promote your video. Share it as much as you can in Facebook, own blogs, Whatsapp, Twitter, the list is endless. Ask friends to add good comments too. Comments can help other visitors to know much about the video. Good comments attract visitors while bad comments can negatively act upon it.

Hope this article is helpful. Chances are there, that I might have missed something important that you know. Please add such points in comments column so that others will be helped.


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