7 Must follow tips on thumbnails for your Youtube videos

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Youtube marketing has became one of the largest money producing mechanism for video bloggers and marketing experts. Optimising videos for both human beings (viewers) and search engines is a tiresome work. Anyway, if you know what to do, tiresome works turns to be a passion also. Through this article, I would like to make you understand the importance of video thumbnails and how to prepare the best one for your Youtube videos so that you can attract more visitors and eventually, MORE MONEY.

1. Youtube thumbnails are more important than titles

We human beings learned to read and write just 5000 years ago. But we used our vision to measure things long before. This applies to selecting a Youtube video too. Instead of reading entire title and description, people closely watch the thumbnail of videos to find videos appealing to them. In Youtube and other video sharing sites, the system itself creates a thumbnail based on its algorithm. But they cannot convey our ideas efficiently. So, it is always better to add a new thumbnail with enough data.

2. Size of thumbnails

Ideal size of thumbnails while you design is 1280 x 720 pixels. Larger images also can be used, scaling down to smaller sizes or cropping edges.

3. Color combination in first place

It is the color combination of thumbnails that attract us first. Then only we read or manipulate images in it. As per researches, the best combination you should use are:

  1. Yellow background, Red titles, Blue letters for content.
  2. White background, Blue letters, Red lines
  3. White background, Yellow stars. Red or blue letters inside
  4. White background and red letters
  5. White background with dark and light green text for, health, energy, agriculture related videos

This color combination need not be in plain text only. Alternatively, you can use image of  yellow sunflower for background and your photo in red T-shirt, to get noticed easier.

4. Using images

You may use images in thumbnails. But ideally, images should be limited in number. 1 or 2 images will be fine. Screwing more into the image is not recommended. Why because, while showing up a list of videos, our large 1280 x 720 image will be resized to just 6 cms x 3.5 cms size. Included images also will be resized and it would be hard to recognise the image. If you use large images, it would still be visible. While adding human faces, recommended maximum number is 2, for viewers to recognise your photo.

5. Text sizes in Youtube video thumbnail

This part is of great importance. During designing, we may fail to check whether the text content/title of videos can be read easily from thumbnail itself.

  1. Title texts should be 1/4 th in height of thumbnail. For a 1280 x 720 p image, that means 180 pixels in height.
  2. Other texts should be 1/5th or 1/6th of height of thumbnail.
  3. Never add texts less than 1/6th height. Smaller font sizes, when resized down to thumbnail size, will become unreadable
  4. Text content must be towards the center of the thumbnail and images towards border.

6. Borders should be free

All border areas of the thumbnails should be vacant. Why so? Google places details of video, icons or other content along the border part of videos. So there must be enough space left for showing up such small icons, without blocking text or important content beneath. You can also place small triangle box in contrasting color to add any specific data like number, towards the corner of any video.

7. Resize to smaller sizes and evaluate your new thumbnail

After designing a thumbnail, resize it to a normal Youtube thumbnail size. Cross check it and make sure that there are no image imperfections or difficulty in reading the text. Images must be legible and look like what you had in your mind. After passing this test, your thumbnail is ready to replace auto-generated thumbnails. To make sure that everything is fine, check the thumbnail again, after uploading to Youtube, Then check it from your mobile phone or some other device with a smaller high resolution screen and make sure everything is clearly visible and not blocked by anything else.

Hope I have covered all tips in designing a Youtube video thumbnail image. Let the discussion go on. Comment on something more we can add here.

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