Products and services a blogger can sell to earn more money

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Blogging is an art and bloggers are artists. Artists need money to survive, just like anyone else. Why dont we bloggers, use blogging to make money for our living? Here is a little guide on products and services bloggers can use to make money out of their art-Blogging.

1. Advertisement publishing (ad networks)

More than 60 percent of bloggers who earn anything from blogging choose this as their option to earn money. Publishing ads of companies for remuneration is a good idea to earn money if you have good visitor traffic to your site. Advertising networks like Adsense (from Google), Clickads etc. provide advertisement scripts which you can insert in your websites. Scripts you insert will draw images or video ads from the providers’ server and present it before your visitor. You will be paid if a visitor clicks the ad and follow the ad and end up landing the website of the provider. This method is called Pay Per Click system. Cost per click (CPC) depends on the providers budget which they wish to spend on the specific topic and many other criteria. You will also be paid if your site managed to show the ads for more than a specified number of times. This system is called CPM.

The downside of this type of advertisements are:

  1. The visitors are diverted to other websites.
  2. You have limited control over earnings and ads shown.
  3. These ads can be blocked by visitors using ad-block browser extensions (Learn how to bypass ad blocking)

2. Static Advertisements (your own, controlled)

Static advertisements are those ads which dont require scripts and coding from ad publishing networks. They are made up of just jpg or gif files which are displayed in specific areas of the website. The column in the right of, which shows my photo, is such an example. This type of ads are usually displayed as a contract between publisher and the provider; say 100$ for publishing in front page for 30 days. Number of clicks and visits are unaffected, once the deal is active. Anyway, finding ad providers like this is a bit difficult and bloggers usually put ads of their own products or affiliate products this way to convert visits to money.


3. Premium membership

If you are really good at something, you can create some unique content about it and sell access to such content, as paid memberships. Some teaser content is made available for the public and interested visitors can go for premium membership, which usually offers unlimited access to premium content, for some limited period. Memberships are of 2 types. Subscriptions and one-time memberships.

One time memberships are usually costly and come with unlimited access to what the blogger have, for a limited period.

Subscriptions are low cost versions in which new content is added to the membership area and members have to pay regularly in regular intervals to stay as members.

4. Own product sale

If you have your own products for sale, you can sell them through your blogs. Many famous e-commerce sites once started up as blogs with products. Products can be of any type like digital, ship-able, license etc.

5. Affiliate Sale of products/services

Affiliate sale is the second most widely used money making technique of bloggers. Bloggers review and recommend some products to buyers and buyers click  a link in the website of bloggers to buy the product. Clicking the link is tracked and commission is given to affiliate blogger once the sale is complete. Webrash publishes lists of affiliate commission providers in almost all topics regularly, so that you can club with them to make money.

6. Own ebooks sale

If you are good at writing ebook, (or else learn how to create a best-seller ebook) you can write and sell ebooks of your own. Good news is that Amazon and other book selling websites have surpassed selling hard copies of books with their ebook counterparts, by a margin of 1/3rd in 2014 itself. That means, for every 100 hard copies of a book sold, 133 ebook copies are sold.

7. Paid videos Youtube channel

People pay for great content, presented in a great manner. TV channels are highly paid than newspapers. Makes sense? Youtube, dailymotion and vimeo videos are easier for viewers to get an idea and so they are more likely to pay money than printed media. Start a youtube channel with paid videos and publish videos through your blog too.

8. Paid expert opinion

Expert opinions are price-worthy. Sell your opinion on something, if you are an expert at something. Not an expert? Be one. It is not so hard to expertise blogging, SEO, network management, diets, body building, writing etc. if you can spend time and energy over it. Start a paid expert opinion column in your website like those done by attorneys for giving their opinion in legal issues. People will come to you if you managed to market your expertise well.

9. Discount coupons

Discount coupons are a nice option to earn money through blogging. How does it work? Contact a seller and ask for discount coupons for selling. If they are selling their products with an affiliate commission of 25%, ask for discount coupon of 15 %. If somebody uses coupon from you, he will get 15% discount and you will get 10% as commission. (15+10%=25%). People will be thankful and remember your site for further use also, as they wont be getting that 15% discount too, if they went directly.

Hope I have covered the major methods bloggers can use to make money. Surprisingly, you might be using some of the methods mentioned in the list. Let the discussion go on, through the comments section below.


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