6 Step practical guide on ebook writing. Dont just plan, do it in time

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The main problem with most of us is planning to do everything and not working out the plan. As you can see, I has not written even a single word in my blog or not even written a single page for any ebook since January 30, 2017, making a large 3 months gap. I have planned so much that I have written and drawn more than 50 papers of plans to work, in the mean time. And the result? A 30% revenue loss in 3 months. Here I am explaining how to plan practical to create your next ebook. This is a simple 6 step guide you can follow and attain amazing result as well. I have tried it and recommend this to you too.

1. Fix a launch date

This is the very first step. You must have a specific launch date for your next book. It should be like June 20, 2017 and never like June Mid or Before July 2017. An exact date should be fixed in your mind. The date should be reasonable so that enough time is left for preparation of topics, writing content, editing it, re-editing it, book cover designing, formatting and writing teaser content. Time for marketing is not considered as of now. It should be after the launch date.

2. Create a (word) file and note down the title, caption and main topics

This is the second step. Create a word or document file in your favourite editor and name the file. Give title and caption as per the topic you are going to write about. You can edit them anytime if you come-across with a more attractive alternative. Decide the topics and subtopics which are about to be discussed. Note down them also.

3. Create an action plan

Once the file is created, it is time for an action plan. It should be a one-day program. Plan the course of action for the entire project. It includes planning for photography, drawing pictures, creating sub topics to be covered, calculating number of pages, collecting reference books & links, copy-paste of source matter if you are rewriting something etc.

4. Now it is time for the Preface, Table of Contents, Disclaimer, Introduction

Create the ‘Table of contents’ page and similar main pages now. Disclaimer and Copyright pages can be copied from other ebooks with necessary changes. Introduction should be brief and descriptive. Table of Contents needs special care. It is ideal to arrange it as shown in the image below. For every main topic, there may be several sub-topics, which are shown as lower levels. All these pages can be created within 3-4 hours.

ebook writing

5. Formatting, page size, cover page design,

Decide the margins, paragraph spacing, font, font size, styles, page size (8.5 x 11 inches or A4 is ideal), page number, headers, footers etc. should be set before starting your writing.

6.Start & finish writing

Decide how many pages you can write everyday. Complete the decided number of pages everyday. Images and links should be added as needed. Before winding up the work, make sure that all links are working and images are all appearing as expected.

Save your work frequently. It is a good idea to save in different folders including cloud storage like gdrive, Dropbox etc. so that you wont lose your work at all.

When you finish, don’t forget to save the file in multiple formats, compatible for multiple devices. Ideally, versions of Doc, pdf, mobi and epub are preferable formats.

Hope this guide helps. This works well for me in my own ebook business. If you have any ideas or comments, let me and the world listen. Feel free to share them through comments column below.


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