Online Marketing in autopilot- Sell and earn while you sleep

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Online marketing? Is it for me? I don’t have any products to sell, I don’t know how to get products, I don’t even have good communication skills. I don’t…. Stop dear. I don’t want to hear silly excuses on why you are not into online businesses or marketing. If you are ready to earn some good money online, I can help you. That is all I say at this point. Let me explain. Online businesses can be done many ways. You can manufacture your own products or buy from some supplier and sell for a higher price. You can even market product of someone else and get commissions from that. You need not have to be a website owner or a blogger to earn millions of dollars through online marketing. There are various streams of online marketing covered here. Some of the content are reserved to premium members. Learn more about memberships here.

This section is divided into some programs. They are

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Ebook marketing- From ideas to bestseller
  • Facebook marketing
  • Courses making and sale
  • Youtube viral video marketing
  • Instagram marketing
  • Whatsapp/snapchat/telegram
  • Twitter marketing

Introduction to online marketing and product making

comment marketing in forums and blogs

Affiliate marketing – Sell for someone else, earn for yourself


Own products – Manufacturing & importing products to brand yourself

Own products making & saleIntro < Conditions of ideal product; pricing-offers-coupons-marketplace listing; promoting products; advertise through products; Sale plugins; payment gateway systems and charges; Email contacts keeping and recurring sales;

Own products – EbooksIntro; Ideal ebook conditions; parts of ebook writing; pricing (bundle, individual, free plus); Content (image, text, links, Other tips (advertise through images, links etc); Cover designing; Cover editor software ;

Own products – Video courseIntro (types of courses, length) ; Selling in udemy and other sites; Youtube paid subscription ; Editing & sound ; TTS;
Own products – Tshirt, keychains, Intro (sourcing blank, pricing, quality) < sublimation technique; selling plugins
Own products – Physical paperback bookprinting and inventory managing;  Cover designing;
Own products – Foods, cosmetics and consumables

Own products – Anything else imaginable

Own products – Webinars, presentations


Ebook marketing – From idea to best seller

Email marketing- Canvasing everyone for sales automatically.

Teaching Courses – Create and sell them like hot cakes


Facebook marketing – Turn Facebook to a marketplace

Twitter -Art of selling in a few letters

Youtube viral video marketing. Creating videos to earn six figure income



Whatsapp/ Telegram/ Snapchat -Messenger apps are good sales funnels


Instagram marketing -A picture is worth thousand sales







  • Targetting audience-How and where to find them?
  • Methods of marketing- Affiliate, Commenting, social media, search engine, videos, direct & email- Explained.
  • Product types explained- Downloadable, tangible, shipping, services, one-to-one, courses, consultation etc.
  • Offers, memberships, schemes, coupons
  • Money back guarantee explained
  • Online certified courses- How to conduct them?

Some content is reserved for premium members only. Learn more and get memberships Here.

Step 1. Basics and choosing & making products

  • 7 Online marketing strategies that costs less than a coffee to start
  • 10 Basic questions to ask before starting online marketing.
  • 10 Point checklist to select products or services for marketing
  • List of hot selling products for online marketing in almost any topic
  • List of  best services for online marketing in almost any topic
  • How to design and manufacture your own product without a factory?
  • 10 Downloadable products you can make and sell in less than a month
  • 10 steps to create coaching programs on any topic that sell
  • 5 step guide on creating audio-books that sell
  • 10 products you can manufacture with less than 100$ and sell
  • How to print and sell T-shirts with sublimation printing?
  • Earn quick money with sublimation printable custom products (Mugs, keychains, Tshirt, mobile covers)
  • Brand your custom products with these cheap simple tips.
  • Giving choices to buyer- Keep the choices within your products
  • How to choose a product for affiliate selling?
  • 5 Step guide to choose a supplier for affiliate marketing products/services.
  • 5 Easy steps to evaluate software publishers for affiliate sales
  • 10 Point checklist on affiliate sale of membership subscriptions of websites
  • How to be successful in affiliate sale of web-hosting and related services?
  • Pricing a product you make or endorse for online marketing
  • Pricing a subscription plan which you endorse for online marketing
  • How to know your prospective buyers in 5 steps?
  • 10 Steps to create a best seller ebook from scratch
  • 10 Tools for creating ebooks the way you want
  • How to design the best cover for your next Ebook?




Step 2. Publicity to the products/services you endorse

  • 10 Free publicity methods for your products/services you market
  • Guide on paid publicity of products using Google CPM ads and similar programs
  • 10 Infographics designing tips for free publicity of your products/services
  • Comment backlinks for SEO and free publicity
  • Comment in your competitors’ blogs as you do with your own.
  • 5 ways to prevent adblockers from eating your ad revenue
  • 10 Steps to advertise your product in facebook for free
  • Facebook paid advertising- Dos and Don’ts
  • Google adwords paid advertising- All you want to know.
  • How to advertise your products in your own website/blog?
  • Make your products sell and get publicity using Amazon, Ebay and other shopping sites
  • How to use classified ads portals for free publicity and selling products?
  • Using whatsapp, telegram and similar messengers for publicity and sales conversion


Step 3. Affiliate marketing

  • Direct marketing basics
  • Sell through amazon, ebay, flipkart etc.
  • Online classifieds for marketing online content
  • 10 advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing
  • Tools for affiliate marketing
  • Tracking and paying your affiliate members
  • Boosting sales by boosting confidence of members

Step 3A. Email marketing for bloggers

  • 5 Step practical guide on automatic email marketing
  • 7 Tools for email marketing for any blogger
  • Practical email marketing from blogging to sales
  • 10 Genuine ways to get email of your subscriber in no time.
  • Creating attractive emails that convert- (templates, language, attached content, links, and more)
  • 10 Dos and Don’ts of email marketing
  • Frequency of your marketing emails – How and when to send them?
  • Prevent blacklisting at any cost.

Step 3B. Facebook marketing

  • 12 Ways to promote your products/services on facebook


Step 3C. Youtube Marketing

  • 10 Ways to make money with youtube
  • 5 Ways to sell your own youtube videos in blog, websites, apps
  • 5 Step guide to create Youtube video coaching programs that sell
  • How to prepare teaser videos for your coaching programs
  • Selecting the best camera for Youtube videos-Webcam Vs Mobile phone camera Vs DSLR Vs Video camera
  • Using webcam for creating youtube videos
  • How to use your smartphone camera for professional Youtube videos?
  • 5 Things to remember while shooting Youtube video with DSLR camera
  • Cheap gear under $50 for professional Youtube video making
  • 12 Types of Youtube videos to earn money
  • Earning with Youtube-How much Youtube pay per view?


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