Microsoft office vs Open office vs Google Docs-Ultimate shoot down for ebook writing

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Finally we are comparing three big giants of office processing- MS office, Open Office and Google Docs for their ability to deal with blogging and ebook writing. I know that all three players are sophisticated in their own methods and cant be knocked down as such. However, for ease of comparison, I am taking into consideration, a few aspects.

  1. Simplicity
  2. Cost
  3. Versatility

Here is a little comparison chart for easy understanding.

Microsoft Office Open Office (Apache project) Google Docs
History of tradition

Cloud based storage added in recent versions

One of the best Office software packs around

Small installation file size

Almost all options replacing MS office

A lot of free templates and addons available

Can export file to a lot of formats (ideal for ebook writing)



No installation

Direct synchonisation

Easy to share among groups

Reliable storage space for files


 Huge size of installation file (2.5+ Gb)

Hefty price

Cant save to any format

Saving to cloud/ synchronizing difficult


 Internet connectivity can be an issue at times

Performance and speed issues with browser or system itself


MS Office, particularly MS Word marked the beginning of desk top publishing, back in second half of 1990’s. They held their monopoly with their 3 main software MS Word, MS Excel and MS Powerpoint. However, now many software are available including Open office and Google Docs, offering more or less similar functionality.

Open office with all necessary features for a blogger or ebook writer, is a cleverly built alternative to MS Office. The best part is that it is free. It comes in a small installation package of 300 MB size. Getting used with Openoffice is simple and a regular MS Office user can see the similarities between both.

Google docs doesnt need an installation and is simplest in that sense. It can be operated from the browser itself and can handle many of the famous office formats.

Cost of program

This is where MS Office fails. It is the only program that comes with a price tag. For our scenario, we are considering bloggers and ebook writers only as customers. So here, advanced functions are extravaganza and we dont need them much. Even the features of Google Docs and Open office are not harnessed well.

Google Docs is also free, but comes at the cost of internet connectivity. In some parts of the world where internet is still a costly affair, it is better to consider Apache Open office, which works offline completely.

Open office is among the best being absolutely free. The good part doesnt end there. There are a lot of freebie addons and templates available for Open office to extend its functionality further, making it the best choice among the three, for our specific purpose.\

open office
open office

Versatility and stability

Google Docs score here with its versatility to use anywhere with an internet connection and a browser. However, stability depends upon the factors like internet connectivity and browser performance.

MS Office also have started cloud based storage options clubbed with Microsoft Skydrive offering similar features as Google Docs in saving and sharing the document, with an added benefit of offline installation offering a more stable work environment.

Open Office is still far away from versatile management with cloud storage. However, you can use your Dropbox account or Gdrive to share your documents online or save them for further use. Changes will be updated to the file whenever you save the file. So here also, Open Office holds its prominence. You can use Open Office from your USB pendrive too, as a portable application to work with your files in another computers. It also ads to the convenience factor of Open Office.


So, which one is the best to hold the winner title? I would say it is the Open Office. Using it with a cloud storage service like Box, Dropbox etc. ensures that your documents are all ready on the go.


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