How to defeat death using science? Is eternal living possible?

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How to avoid or escape from death? Is eternal life possible? I am not talking about a wish or some Greek mythological story. I am trying to discuss about a fact, not too far. Deciding one’s death might be possible in not-so-far future, if things go like this. THIS? Do you have a plan? Is this the question you are asking me? I have no plans here but I am making a simple observation. I am not mad to think about stopping death using some magic drug or some witchcraft. I am saying about an absolute possibility.

Okay, How death happens? Medically, death is not caused by any supernatural activity. It is not an event, but a process in which an organism fails in sustaining its normal working process as an organism. Its chemical and physical properties get disintegrated during this process, which makes a return almost impossible. So how can death be stopped?


How death can be stopped?

To know how to stop death, you should know the reasons behind death. Normally, death is caused by a set of factors

  1. Brain death due to inactivity of brain
  2. Burns, drowning, vehicle or machine related accidents causing crushing, electrical injuries, chemical injuries
  3. Poisoning & contamination of blood
  4. Diseases caused by micro-organisms (HIV, tuberculosis etc)
  5. Failure of certain parts of body (heart, kidney, liver etc)

We may avoid a few items from this list, which makes a restoration difficult, like in the case of (2) which can cause a total loss. However, other causes can be cured to a major extend. Let us examine how

1. Escaping from Brain deaths

Brain, as we know, is a supercomputer with a lot of processing power, connections to various sensors like eyes, ears, skin, tongue, smell etc. It also controls and co-ordinates various parts of body. However making a computer chip like brain is not an IMPOSSIBLE thing, considering the pace of development of computer chips. Even our smartphones are much powerful than supercomputers a few decades ago. That means, a supercomputer with as much storage and processing power and memory can be developed in the near future which can replace human brain in no time, provided the connections to various parts can be established promptly. By the way, we may develop data copiers which synchronise memories in brain to some external cloud server like Google Drive so that we can restore it to a chip-based brain when a need arise.

What if brain death occur? If a person’s natural brain stop spontaneously, we will replace it with an artificial brain. The artificial brain will not have knowledge about the memories of the man. It can only process the signals to vital organs which are all needed to sustain life. Once the artificial brain is installed and fixed successfully, data restoration from the cloud server starts. Once the data is fully restored, the man will behave exactly like when he was before DEATH.

Other uses of artificial/enhanced brain

Artificial brains and enhanced natural brains can have many more desired features. Illusions will not be a part in your life, or you may select modes so that illusions can be experienced or not. A few more sensors in the brain means you will be able to hear, see and experience dimensions that are impossible to a normal human being. Moreover, your memories will be alive for years and generations and can be activated back to life when a need arise. Punishing criminals will become easier for governments as you can impose a pain inducing command to the brain which can cause immense pain. Terrorists can be converted to a peaceful life by erasing terror part of their brain. Brain to brain communications can reduce the need of verbal communication and also increase the speed of communication 100 or 1000 times faster. Imagine how a job interview will be in 2100..  Chip based brains will not need sleep time like a normal brain does and will have self-made wake-up alarms, resulting in much more productivity. The best part is in learning. Artificial or enhanced brains can be filled with basic knowledge on a set of topics, we may study till our primary education level so that it wont cost you one-third of your life.


2. Artificial vital organs (heart, kidney, lungs, liver)

There are some organs which are most vital compared to others. A few among them are heart, kidneys, lungs, liver etc. Artificial machines can be used instead of the natural once, when a life sustaining question arise. Artificial devices can monitor condition of body, predict and inform you accurately in a routine manner. Of these, we have successfully invented dialysis machine which can replace the entire functions of kidneys, which is purifying blood. By the way, modern dialysis machines are very much smaller than earlier once. What if we succeed in developing a dialysis machine powered by some battery or even human body movement? We will replace faulty kidneys with artificial ones. Simple. Moreover artificial ones will have the ability to monitor various factors in the body and inform your smartphone app about your condition.

Heart: Artificial heart is also not a dream. It can be developed, as we have succeeded in developing pacemakers decades ago. Artificial hearts will have ability to work without the help of brain impulses when your body is in some preset modes. It can also sense blocks in blood vessels and inform you about the same. Cardiac arrests will be something in the history.

Lungs: Good news will be for smokers. No lung cancer means more smokers, I fear. Artificial lungs will be far superior in sensing unwanted gases, poisonous traces in inhaled air and may even can generate or store oxygen as a reserve. They will have good air filters to prevent clogging. Cough and sneeze will be a matter of choice than a necessity. You will never feel panting during hard work. Also, your deep French kisses will last longer without an interruption from lungs. Wah…

Liver: Poison removal from the system and producing enzymes will be the most affected by the intervention of artificial devices. Imagine a liver which can filter out almost all poisons and remove higher concentrations of alcohol, without damaging itself. That is what science promises here.

The best part is that artificial devices used instead of natural organs will never get cancer or any diseases. Faults in their mechanisms can be easily repaired through a surgery or software update. They wont ask you for a healing time too, to resume full-scale work.


3. No death from lifestyle diseases

High blood sugar, abnormal blood pressure, obesity etc. will be part of history with the help of science. Drugs which can stimulate muscle growth with no side effects means, gymnasiums will be historical museums. Obesity will be part of history with artificial intestine, which can be programmed for limiting absorption of nutrients to required quantities only. However more you eat, your intestines will absorb as much as that is needed for your body.


4. Genetics is promising a bug-free future generation

Studies on genetics is improving in such a good pace that the future generations will be bug-free. Genetic disorders wont be disorders for long and can be rectified or prevented when diagnosed with. Diabetes, genetic diseases and possibilities of hereditary diseases can be reduced or nulled with genetic inventions


5. Blood, fluids, infections, artificial blood and nano-robot cells

Blood has a great role in our body and it is a pathway of many disease causing organisms too. Dreaded diseases like HIV aids, blood cancer etc. work in blood leading to the worst deaths possible. What if your blood is inactive to HIV and similar infections? That is what artificial blood can do. Artificial bloods will be inactive to disease causing organisms and nano robots in blood can monitor changes and take action against infections. It will be impossible to micro organisms to attack a man-made robot, but a robot can kill the organism easily. Artificial blood will be more sensitive to poisons injected to the body and can prevent damage to associated parts due to contaminated blood. Artificial blood will be easy to make, store and replenish when needed. Enhanced oxygen carrying capacity, absolute protection against foreign bodies etc. means… You imagine..

Now, do you think I am just dreaming? May be some of the points here are just dreams as of now. However, it is not just a dream forever. But the irritating thing is, we may slowly loose our cultural values and life may become somewhat mechanical if rules are not made in such a way to maintain the development of science in a well-controlled manner.

I request you to share your views and ideas on this regard through comments column below.

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