How much does Google Adsense pay for Youtube views?

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This question is mostly heard from startup Youtubers, who wish to make income from Youtube. Well, it is not a bad idea though; there are thousands of people who earn thousands of dollars per month from their Youtube videos. Anyway, that question itself is wrong. You are not paid based on the number of views your videos had. It is dependent on other factors too. They are..

  1. Topic of your video
  2. Clicks made by viewer in Ads
  3. How long the viewer viewed Ads appearing with your video
  4. From which country the viewer is from
  5. Age, sex of viewer
  6. Personalised ads selection

One thing is sure, Google considers paying you for ads only after you get 1000 views collectively from your published videos. It is not a big deal as you can easily get that much views with 10 or 15 active videos. So, how the system works? Let us check each point one by one.

Topic of your video

It matters because videos on all topics are not equally earning. For example, videos about health, fitness, money, mortgage, new vehicles, insurance, share market, investment, architecture, electronic gadgets, professional tutorials etc. earn much more money compare with those of arts, comedy, literature, movies, DIY tips, living cheap, recipes etc. You noticed the difference? Yea, topics viewed by viewers who are capable of buying something or making a business, is valued more than that of entertainment purpose only. However, videos of professional topics on the former may attract less number of viewers because masses are not interested in them. 100 million views may earn only $1000 if it is in the entertainment category, while just 10,000 views may reward the same $1000 if the video is in the higher category.

Clicks made by viewer in Ads

Google uses Cost Per Click(CPV) Ads in monetising videos. Owner of video will get paid only if a viewer click on ads appearing with the video. So, it doesnt matter whether you got 100 views or 100000 views if no one clicked on your ads.

How long the viewer viewed Ads appearing with your video

Google uses Cost Per View (CPV) Ads also for monetising videos. Video ads will be displayed along with your videos at the beginning of the video. If the viewers skip the ad as soon as it appear, you wont be paid much. But if they view ads for 30 seconds or more, you will be paid the share of revenue Google gets from sponsors.

From which country the viewer is from

Google has divided people from different countries based on their purchasing power. It is like tier system used by many other advertisers. Tier 1 includes countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada etc. where people have good purchasing power and spends money and time with internet. Tier 2 countries includes India, China, Malaysia and similar countries which are on a developing stage. Tier 3 includes other countries where spending through internet is in its minimum. Views from Tier 1 countries can earn you somewhere around $5 and more for 1000 views, $1 for tier 2 countries and $0.1 for tier 3 countries. So, while making videos, please keep in mind that is better to create videos attracting people of the Tier 1 countries.

Age and sex of viewer

It determines whether the viewer is capable of purchasing products. Videos in which people of 30-40 age are attracted, are valued the most and those attracting teenagers are valued the least. Sex of viewer also matters depending on the products advertised. Ads of products for high profile women costs a lot because of their spending power and influence in social media while that of teenage boys are placed to the other extreme.

Personalised ads selection

Now-a-days personalised ads are trending as Google collect personal details and tract online behaviour of viewers to suggest the best ads for them. Interested people will be tempted to click on ads to convert to business. However, you will earn more only if the visitor has a good history of purchasing products or services based on search results.

Hope this article answered your queries. Feel free to like, comment and share it with your friends. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.



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