How many pages, file-size is ideal for Ebooks?

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It is a very generic question if no topic is specified. Different topics require different numbers of pages in the ebook. It is said that, long books are seldom good and good books are seldom long. Still, there are certain criteria, based on common man- assumptions. An encyclopedia is rare with 30 or 50 pages, just like a 2000 page tips book. So, certainly there is a flexibly-fixed length for books.

Paperback books, of any type, must have 150 or more pages, so as to give it a look of a BOOK. Size of pages also should fall into the medium-scale category, to be seen among other books in a library. Thin book with large sized pages will turn your book to a magazine, no matter how golden the content is. Now, let us think about eBooks.

Many paperback books have got digital edition too, as Kindle versions of many titles surpassed sales of their paperback counterparts. But what about new ebook I am going to write? How long it should be?

It depends on the topic

If you are creating a eBook on a very minuscule topic, your book may be small too. Now, consider a book with title ‘Ultimate SEO Bible’, it needs at least 75 pages so that the reader thinks that there is enough content to be called as a bible. More the content, more authority it is gaining.

Increasing or decreasing number of pages

There are a number of ways to increase or decrease the number of pages in a eBook. Some of them are:

  1. Font type
  2. Font size
  3. Margins
  4. wide and tall images

Primarily, you can change font. Some fonts are large in proportions and takes more space than some other. Write a page of content and try changing fonts and set the font which may suffice your purpose. Be careful that some rare fonts may not be rendered as such in some formats and devices. So better use widely used fonts.

Font size can be increased or decreased up to a certain limit. Above or below the limit may prove painful to eyes.

Margins, when carefully used can save space or utilize space so as to adjust content volume.

Wide images are used when you want to decrease page numbers within limit. Tall images are used when you need more pages in the book.

Ideal storage space (file size) of a eBook (KB, MB, GB)

What do you think about an ebook just 300 KB in size and claiming to be an encyclopedia? You wont like to waste time downloading it, right? And, what about a 100 tips guide costing 800 MB of space? You wont wish to waste space and data, downloading it, right? But, 800 MB for an encyclopedia and 300 KB for a tips books are ideal fits. Remember this rule with ebooks too.

  • Ideal filesizes:  Less than 1 MB for tips guides,  1 to 10 MB for novels and authority books, 10 to 70 MB for detailed books of 300+ pages, 70 MB and more for encycloedia and illustrated guides.
  • Larger fonts dont cause much increase/decrease in file size
  • higher resolution images can be added to increase file size
  • Decreasing quality of images results in decreased file size.

Hope I made my part good. Let us continue with the discussion with your comments.

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