How and why bloggers should select Google NCR for search using chrome?

Google_ncr or no country redirect is used to set your searches through rather than or or similar country based localised search. Why is it needed for bloggers? For those who depend adsense for their main blogging income, one should understand which countries are highly paid by adsense and which ones are least paid. Once you understand that, you can blog for high paying countries which in turn increase your revenue.

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Why Google ncr?

If you are residing in a low paid country as per Adsense terms, you normally get topics from similar blogs in that country itself.


Setting Google NCR as default search engine in Chrome

To set Google ncr as your default search engine, go to the settings menu in Chrome.


Click manage search engines tab.


Scroll to the bottom of the list


Click Add a new search engine and type Google NCR there. Then in the Keyword column, type GoogleNCR_ . In the URL with % in place of query column, type this:

By the way, you can consider redirecting to US or Canada or UK search too, by altering the codes a little. The procedure is as given below.

Google redirect for USA, Canada and UK

&gl= us : For United States
&gl=uk : For the UK
&gl=ca: For Canada . So the entire string will be like: or or as the case it may be. Keyword alteration would be like GoogleUK_ or GoogleCA_ .


Now, click Done and set this new search engine as the default search engine and you are done.


Hope this guide is easy and informative. Feel free to ask your doubts and share your suggestions.

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