What is darknet/deepnet? How to access illegal/underground .onion web pages with TOR browser?

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Warning: Accessing or trying to access darknet web pages are illegal and are sufficient cause to attract legal actions in some countries. This article is just for your information and not a guide to do illegal things.

Is there any way to access illegal websites in your desktop? This topic describes how to access TOR network web pages in your computer. Illegal web pages include pages containing data about child porn, brutal sex, counterfeit currency production & marketing, counterfeit identity cards and driving licenses, smuggled goods, illegal drugs, trade of software edited credit cards, debit cards etc., warez, illegal manuscripts, brochures and ebooks, hiring assassins, trading gun and weapons, filthy clothes, bizzare articles, banned goods etc. Legal authorities are continuously working on bringing such pages down and even visitors can be punished for visiting such websites intentionally, as they cannot be accessed using normal browsers. Even search engines like Google discourage users from visiting such websites for the safety and well being of netizens.

What is dark net/deep net?

Darknet/deepnet refers to a collection of webpages (somewhat 70,000+) dealing with anything or everything illegal and cant be brought into sunlight. Common man doesn’t need any such services in any point. But evil geniuses are behind them, use or misuse them for personal profits.

Darknet websites are generally inaccessible through search engines, as their robot.txt file, which helps search engines index the website, are configured in such a way that search engine indexing is discouraged. Moreover these web pages are designed such a way that the origin and ending of data traffic stays anonymous. Even the domain name is anonymous and you cant find the owner of the domain easily.

These websites are inaccessible with normal browsers without software modification. This is because the domain name itself is not a familiar one for browsers and end with a .onion extension. They can be processed only with a TOR browser, available here. You may download and install it in your PC to see how it works. After installation, it will make a quick automatic setup by itself to configure the network according to its settings.


Once the configuration is complete, you can enter the TOR network of darknet websites by typing or copy-paste of this address to the browser address bar:  http://am4wuhz3zifexz5u.onion/ . This is the safest of all websites in the darknet to try. Don’t forget that you can open this URL with TOR browser only as normal browsers cannot open this type of URLs.


This article is an educational guide and we should provide you with some safe advices while using the TOR network. Never allow the TOR browser to run javascripts, which can lead to revealing identity or IP address of your computer to the website creator. Also, Don’t try to download and file or torrent to your computer, which can again cause issues.

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