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Narendra Modi Laptop Vitran Yojna scam

Social media is a grow bed of scams. Whatsapp messages, facebook posts etc. claiming to reward you with free laptops distributed by Indian Government is the new member to the scam list. The message says, Government is distributing laptops to students of all states through a scheme called Pradhan Mantri Laptop Vitran Yojna. For that you should register your name …

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XMLRPC-32700 jetpack activation and windows live writer publishing/retrieving error fixed

Windows live writer and similar blog publishing tools use xmlrpc.php file in wordpress installation, which when corrupted give you errors like problem in publishing an retrieving blog posts. I got an error like invalid response document returned from xmlrpc server when trying to publish a post using WLW. To me, it happened after a wordpress update. Sometimes, while activating Jetpack, …

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