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List of highest and least earning Youtube video topics

Youtube videos are good for making a steady second income for bloggers and full-time mainstream income for those who are serious into it. Be it anyway, it is necessary to know which type of videos earn more than others? What are the criteria of earning and video topic selection? This article shows the most and least earning Youtube video topics …

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7 Must follow tips on thumbnails for your Youtube videos

Youtube marketing has became one of the largest money producing mechanism for video bloggers and marketing experts. Optimising videos for both human beings (viewers) and search engines is a tiresome work. Anyway, if you know what to do, tiresome works turns to be a passion also. Through this article, I would like to make you understand the importance of video …

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7 Easy practical ways to make money with Youtube

How can you make money with Youtube? Question seems strange? You can make money with Youtube using the most famous method-Google Ads. But is it the only method? No my friend. Youtube is not just a platform for entertainment. It is a powerful money-making tool too. Here are the exotic methods I use to make money with it. 1. Paid …

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