Blogging-Basics to Boss. From web-hosting to content creation

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Are you one among the many who have fed up with the regular blogging guide posts from startup bloggers? Tried each and every ideas from all bloggers except those which made you really successful? Enough of that. Let us learn real blogging with assured results of success, fame and money; in simple practical steps. is presenting the latest trends and know-how on blogging in a easy to understand language so that you can copy it to your own business. Some content here are reserved for premium members who are really serious into blogging. Learn more about memberships here. Our exclusive premium video courses are available in also.

The Blogger’s MBA- complete course on professional blogging


  1. Introduction – 20 Points you want to know about professional blogging, in a nutshell
  2. Common terms used – Complete list of terms and words used in professional blogging
  3. Understanding business market of internet – Ultimate guide to internet businesses and market
  4. Good and bad websites – Recognise websites- good guys, nice guys and bad guys in internet
  5. Parts of a website/blog –
  6. Types of blogging by dedication – Which blogging type to choose to make any money by blogging?
  7. Cutting down expenses for blogging – 12 Ways to be a minimalist blogger and cut down blogging expenses?
  8. Free-site, paid site, free platforms –
  9. Advantages of blogging as a career – 21 Advantages of blogging career no professional blogger wants to tell you
  10. Disadvantages of blogging career – 17 Disadvantages of blogging as a career for living
  11. Ranking of website pages and blogs – Complete guide on website/blog ranking hierarchy in internet
  12. Website traffic and income – 9 Point guide on finding how much income a website makes
  13. Average visit time & its influence – 12 Ways to keep a visitor engaged in your website for long
  14. Bounce rate  – 10 Ways to reduce bounce rate by more than 70%

Types- passion, money making, professional ; full time, part time, freetime;extravaganza (travel); Vlog, fb blog, own website; serious people use own website.

Choosing niche and topics

  1. Niche and topic in blogging – 20 Tips guide to choose a blogging niche and topic
  2. Good topics & bad topics – List of highest and least earning blog topics in all major niches
  3. High traffic & low traffic topics – List of topics with highest and least traffic
  4. Writing blogs if not good at the topic –

Starting your own blog – Domain & webspace configuration

  1. Introduction to creating own blog –
  2. Domain name buying – Choosing a catchy high quality domain name
  3. Choose easy domain name –10 Steps on how to choose a catchy, easy to remember domain name?
  4. Web hosting & space – Ultimate step by step guide to buying web hosting for your website/blog
  5. Right hosting for any website – 25 Tips on how to choose the right web hosting plan/provider for any website
  6. Choosing dedicated server hosting – Dedicated server web hosting- A guide on choosing best dedicated hosting
  7. Http vs Https – How to choose between http and https?
  8. Configure webspace – 15 Step guide to configure web space for your new blog/website
  9. Own email configuring – 10 Step guide to configure blog emails and sync with gmail
  10.  Blogging platforms – Comparative study of 7 major blogging platforms
  11. WordPress guide – Complete guide on WordPress for professional blogging
  12. Installing WordPress in web space – 5 Methods to install wordpress easily in 10 minutes
  13. Configure WordPress – 10 Steps in configuring wordpress after a fresh install
  14. Essential WordPress plugins – 20 Best and essential wordpress plugins for every blog/website
  15. Choosing theme – 10 Step guide to choose the best wordpress theme for your blog/website
  16. Backup, security, maintenance – Complete guide to backup, security and maintenance of wordpress blogs
  17. Setup a contact-us page – How to set a contact us page in WordPress, that convert?

web hosting and space select (shared, vps, dedicated, space, bandwidth, database, no of domains, freebies, Length of purchase min 3 yrs,

Advanced configuration of your WordPress blog

  1. Setting up newsletters
  2. Add automatic mailing system
  3. Selling real tangible products
  4. Selling virtual digital products
  5. Selling memberships
  6. Get emails of visitors
  7. Chat support systems
  8. Whatsapp sharing
  9. Comparison systems


Cost cutting & Tools needed (Hardware & Software)

  1. Cost cutting (advanced) – 20 Step guide to cut down costs of professional blogging, keeping quality
  2. Chrome extensions – 15 Essential chrome extensions for blogging to save time and money
  3. Android Apps – 25 Must have android apps for professional blogging
  4. Camera apps – Best camera apps to use your smartphone as a professional camera for blogging
  5. Windows apps
  6. Analytics and analysis – 15 Tools to monitor your blog regularly for errors

Cost cutting basics = Own images/public domain, offers and coupons, long term domain & hosting, camera app; Intro & cc Hard: Computer; photography; travel kits; Intro & cc Online: sites & uses WordPress; SEO checkers; Adsense;

Money making through blogging

  1. Introduction to money making – How professional bloggers make money?
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Direct Ads
  4. Own product sale
  5. Membership sale
  6. Display ads from network programs

Vlog or video blogging- Intro < types of videos ; Choose camera; choose other gear; Video editing ; Configuring youtube; Other sources ; Preparing courses; Youtube payment rates; income sources;


Blog writing basics

  1. Categories & Sub categories
  2. Writing guide ultimate
  3. Consistency in writing – 7 Tips on keeping up with blog consistency
  4. Keyword planning
  5. Grammar and quality
  6. Headlines
  7. Titles & subtitles
  8. Creating infographics
  9. Killer, filler and pillar posts
  10. Ideal post length
  11. Fonts and sizes
  12. Ideal image qualities
  13. Add images to posts
  14. Add videos to posts
  15. Adding downloadable content
  16. Adding Tags
  17. Where to get images
  18. Set featured image
  19. Saving drafts or publish;

Blog writing advanced (premium)

  1. Finding topics and content (google trend, top read lists)
  2. Finding images
  3. Optimised tabular columns
  4. Protected content for premium members
  5. Like/share to access content
  6. Tabbed content
  7. Shortcodes
  8. Adding reviews
  9. Comment systems

Pagespeed, bounce rate, visitor hold time, ranking (premium & free)

  1. Pagespeed – Secret recipe to pagespeed 100
  2. Poll systems – 10 Polls to keep your visitor engaged
  3. Free gifts –
  4. Exit intend actions
  5. Popups
  6. Related lists-trending lists- best ever lists
  7. Content delivery network (CDN) uses
  8. Image gallery in cloud
  9. Image gallery in Google drive
  10. Ranking systems
  11. Boost Alexa rank


Traffic boosting & blog promotion strategies

  1. Boosting traffic
  2. Freebies (ebook, course, webinar, audiobook, limited premium access, promotional product; chance to win)
  3. Newsletter
  4. Social media integration (like share)
  5. Blackhat methods (fake accounts
  6. Like to unlock download
  7. Social media presence
  8. Social media Official pages
  9. Effective social media sharing
  10. Fake accounts for real traffic
  11. Infographics trick
  12. Paid boosting and target page;

Regular blog maintenance & troubleshooting

  1. Old post update
  2. Regular backup
  3. Backup to Google drive
  4. Backup to Dropbox



Further actions




Affiliate MarketingIntroduction, advantages and disadvantages, Affiliate programs for tech/ health/business / sites
Membership access saleIntro, minimum criteria,
Ads sale, adsenseIntro & caution; boosting income; keyword planning and topic planning; CPM, CPC, CTR terms; Fraud
marketing your brand and productsLanding pages; email marketing; facebook ; Youtube; google ads; offline ads; infographics; twitter; Ninja popups ;

Basic SEOIntro (types, onsite-offsite-on page); Image seo; video; post; on site; inpage (headings; title; tags; paragraph); offsite; keyword research and planning; CDN ;

Conclusion Intro; consistency how frequent, < Fb post about new article in a said time ;


Website making

Let’s learn it step by step. Here is a list of articles for you to learn website/blog creation through simple, easy to follow practical steps.

  • 20 step guide on starting a money making blog website from scratch
  • How internet market works? What are blogs in internet arena?
  • Money making ideas with blogs
  • Choosing topic for your blog/website
  • Free platforms like blogger, Vs Independent hosting. Which one to choose?
  • Choose the best web host- Web hosting guide
  • Free hosting, Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Cloud- all explained)
  • Access your web-space- web interface Cpanel, FTP
  • Understanding and installing WordPress
  • WordPress post installation tweaks- tagline, pages, logo
  • Installing essential wordpress theme
  • Installing plugins and setting them up
  • Pages and posts
  • Analytics service for monitoring performance
  • Search Engine Optimisation and traffic (Click here for dedicated page on SEO)
  • Add some great content. (dedicated page for content creation here)
  • Making your own products for sale
  • Own products Vs Affiliate sale Vs Advertisement space selling- Which one for income?
  • Make an App for your blog. Promote it with QR codes and more.

Downloads for serious bloggers (Premium)

Professional quality content writing is absolutely necessary for your blogs, emails, ebooks etc. to make it usable from a buyer’s point of view. Language, grammar, formatting and a lot many aspects are to be given due care for an appreciable result. Here is a list of articles on how to write great content for your business. No need of re-inventing the wheel, just copy the trick and make fresh content in no time. Some articles and content are reserved for members.  Learn more about membership plans here.

General writing tips

  • 7 Units of content quality- Grammar, spelling, tone, language, emphasis, format and punctuation.
  • 6 Point checklist-Is this article necessary? Appropriate? Worthy? Brief? Calls for an action? Informative?
  • Write it brief. Edit it to cut down size.
  • How to write it scan-able? People don’t read, they just scan.

Post & page content writing

  • 20 Title headline hacks you must know for any blog writing
  • 7 Very hard to resist call-to-action writing tips
  • 5 Types of call to action techniques (Like to download) you haven’t noticed before
  • 5 Hacks to increase Average Time Spent in your site by any visitor
  • Affiliate links- 6 ways to add call-to-action links within post.
  • WordPress text editor- built-in tools, short-cuts and add-ons you should know
  • 10 Tips to avoid procrastination
  • Searching for new  & fresh topics to write about.



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