Blogging-Basics to Boss

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Are you one among the many who have fed up with the regular blogging guide posts from startup bloggers? Tried each and every ideas from all bloggers except those which made you really successful? Enough of that. Let us learn real blogging with assured results of success, fame and money; in simple steps. is presenting the latest trends and know-how on blogging in a easy to understand language so that you can copy it to your own business. Some content here are reserved for premium members who are really serious into blogging. Learn more about memberships here.

Basics of blogging

Here is the complete list of free articles I have wrote about blogging. If these are convincing enough, you can join my step by step blogging course- The bloggers’ MBA . Being a member, you get access to a lot of study materials, ebooks, videos, infographics and downloadable software which are worth many times the membership fees.

  • How to name your new business?
  • Highly paid adsense topics
  • Backlinks
  • Google and blogs
  • What is wordpress
  • Social media marketing
  • Affiiliate marketng
  • Offline marketing
  • Seo expert guide for offline and online seo
  • Free publicity to your blog
  • paid publicity to your blog
  • Commenting
  • Finding new topics
  • Software tools

Website making

Let’s learn it step by step. Here is a list of articles for you to learn website/blog creation through simple, easy to follow practical steps.

Money making methods

  • Membership sales
  • Video-Audio courses
  • Ebook sale
  • Product sale
  • Booking services
  • Offers/coupon sale
  • Affiliate selling
  • Ads publishing

Marketing online content/product

Now, you have a great looking website with great content and some products. Now it is time to make it reach masses. Marketing kicks in here. Below here is a list of precious articles on marketing online content. From absolutely free to paid ideas, I would like to make sure that your content reach targeted audience in no time.

  • Targeted audience-How and where to find them?
  • Methods of marketing- Affiliate, Commenting, social media, search engine, videos, direct & email- Explained.
  • Product types explained- Downloadable, tangible, shipping, services, one-to-one, courses, consultation etc.
  • Offers, memberships, schemes, coupons
  • Money back guarantee explained
  • Online certified courses- How to conduct them?



Affiliate marketing memberships

  • Affiliate marketing overview
  • Tools for affiliate marketing
  • Tracking and paying your affiliate members
  • Boosting sales by boosting confidence of members

Commenting and backlinking

  • Backlinks for SEO and free publicity
  • Comment in your competitors’ blogs as you do with your own.

Social media marketing

  • Free Facebook marketing strategies
  • Free Twitter marketing
  • Image & Video based marketing
  • Social media platforms for promoting content
  • Whatsapp, messenger, snapchat etc. for boosting your blog sales

Search engine marketing

  • Google ads convert well
  • Google image search has lasting effects
  • Playstore for promoting app

Direct marketing (in-site & Off-site)

  • Direct marketing basics
  • Sell through amazon, ebay, flipkart etc.
  • Online classifieds for marketing online content

E-mail marketing

  • Get emails of visitors first (Free memberships, great free products)
  • Autopilot your emails
  • Creating attractive emails that convert- (templates, language, attached content, links, and more)
  • Frequency of your marketing emails
  • Conditioning members to buy using emails
  • Prevent blacklisting at any cost.

Youtube & Video marketing

  • Selling own Youtube videos through website
  • Free advertisement with Youtube and similar sites
  • Video courses- How to create and sell them?

Marketing someone else’s product/service

You can sell products or services of other makers for a commission margin decided by them. This is called affiliate marketing. You can even sell ads of advertisers or product makers too. In this setup you will become a publisher. You wont get share of profits but a percentage of advertising cost in this. Here is all you would know about both.

Adsense and advertisers

  • Google Adsense- The most trusted advertiser and mainstream income of bloggers
  • Direct selling of advertising spaces with image ads
  • Advertising spaces for sale-advantages and disadvantages

Affiliate marketing for income

  • What is affiliate selling? How to do it?
  • Affiliate sale advantages and disadvantages
  • Choosing the best affiliate product or a list of them?
  • Review products before recommending-Calculating value of affiliate products.
  • More commission or more sales? Which one to go for?

Downloads for serious bloggers (Premium)

  • My own Royalty Free photos on -technology, blogging  (100 image pack)
  • My own Hand drawn RF images on technology  (100 image pack)
  • Hand drawn images- Health
  • Hand drawn images- Fashion
  • Hand drawn images- foods
  • Hand drawn images- people
  • Royalty free audio pack for Youtube video background music
  • Royalty free audio pack for Introductions
  • Royalty free audios for concluding a video



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