About Me & Webrash

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Thanks for your interest to know more about Webrash.com.  Webrash is an one-stop information point for  various topics. We deal mainly with topics like:

  1. Blogging, SEO, SEM, Affiliate marketing, Social media marketing
  2. Dating and seduction, Mind reading
  3. Personality development, motivation, etiquette, gentleman guides
  4. Professional etiquette, business habit development
  5. Relationship management, Moderator tasks etc.

How experienced am I?

During the time of writing, I am celebrating my 29th birthday in India. I have spent 9 active years in the online field in learning and experimenting with topics above. Tried and tested many ideas I have collected in real life situations and in online test rigs, removed bullshits from what I learned, wrote down how and what works and what didn’t. Now it is time to publish my expertise so that my followers should get the benefit without spending 9 more years from their life. This thought resulted in the renovated formation of Webrash.com

Paid content in Webrash.com

Many of my readers and friends asked me why there is a store to sell memberships while I have given a lot in the free section. There is a reason for that. We dont read books when they are freely available. But we value things which we have paid for and will try to make use of it. The same thing applies here also. Membership area in webrash.com surely contain a lot of premium stuff, which are all products of my brainstorming and ruthless experimenting. I wish my readers should get benefits from it. So I have added a premium membership option out here.

Why going for paid membership while we get everything free?

Actually, nothing is free. Everything has its on price and value. You can get so called crappy advises all over internet for free. They are mostly just thoughts of authors without any experimental outputs. Such advises can take you nowhere. That is not the case with webrash. Each and every portion of it is tailor made to suit the needs of my specific target audience. It is not for the common public but for precise user base. I dont need a huge volume of non-targeted traffic in my site. Rather, I would prefer to have a focused and well targeted audience who are ready to lend their mind. Creating content to such an audience costs a lot of effort, patience and time. I believe it is right to charge a small amount to compensate for the efforts and made, from those who wish to get the information without risking effort and time as I did.

How to contact me?

Wish to contact me? As I have told, I may not get enough time for long chats or talks. I am not available for hire or guest blogging as well, due to time constraints as of now. I am busy preparing ebooks and courses for my websites. Still, you can connect with me through Facebook, Whatsapp and Email.

Facebook: Aanandkeerthy

Email: support@webrash.com

Phone/whatsapp: +91 9020649964

The best way to connect me is to fill the form below with necessary details. I usually check email messages from this form more frequently than other emails and reply as soon as possible. Feel free to contact now:

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