8 Points on why giving your ebooks for free download.

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Why should I give my ebook for free download? I have invested lot of time, money and energy for its creation. Then why shouldn’t I sell it?

Actually, giving your ebook for free doesn’t means it is absolutely free. Nothing in the world is free. Everything comes at its own price.

1. It help your readers evaluate you

If you are not a prolific writer with 10 best-sellers of the age, you most probably needs to share one of your best works to the public; for FREE. It will help them evaluate your knowledge, language, way of writing etc. and may convert them to prospective buyers of your paid books in future.

2. Free ebook is one of the best tool to get visitors’ email

You can sell your ebooks in exchange of the email address of visitors. Visitors will be given a link for downloading the ebook for free, so that they share their email address for a valuable ebook. But what can you do with an email address? It comes under Email Marketing. Email marketing is used to inform your readers about your new articles, videos and products. Selling products using email marketing is simpler than selling directly through blogs.

3. Ebooks in return of work done by visitors

Surveys, polls etc. in most of the blogs are seen simply avoided by the readers. Why because, they don’t want to waste their valuable time in keeping you informed. People are lazy also, at times. They don’t want to share their thoughts for free. So? Ebook. Ebooks are best bribes for the information hungry people. If you can give an ebook for free, which addresses some of their concerns, they will readily give-up and attend polls, surveys etc. in return.

4. Free book download statistics for building fan-base

Higher the download of your book, higher the social ‘like’. This can be done using ‘Like to download’ plugins. For every free download, you will get your fan-base increased.

5. Paid book for free means you made lot of sales

This trick is used by many bloggers to trick their target readers. For example, I wrote a book on ‘Car Buying’. I priced it $3 USD. It is available for purchase from Amazon for $3 USD. However, it is available for free download in my blog too, if you like my page. That means, you can get the book for free or by buying from my website or from some other website. Anyway, total count of downloads is considered as total sales. A book with 6 figure downloads translates to 6 figure sales. Such an author will not have to look back for sales of his next books. Got it?

6. Free books can contain links to affiliate products

It is easy to embed a link in any ebook. Adding affiliate product links in free ebooks help you boost your affiliate sales business. Anyway, don’t overdo it, or your ebook will look like an advertisement brochure.

7. Embedded ads/ pictures of sellers

You can contact offline/online sellers to sign contract with them for advertising their products/services through your ebook. Digital versions of most magazines do the same. They increase online circulation to increase the reach of advertisements provided by their sponsors.

8. Free ebook can be a teaser of a main one

Teaser ebooks are available all over internet which acts as a publicity tool of a bigger, better ebook or program. Pages like ‘Table of Content’ will be same, but with a notification that detailed content is available with main program only. These can help some readers get an understanding on what will be there in the main work. Make sure that the teaser is tempting enough to make the reader buy the work.

Hope you understood why most of the famous blogs give some free ebooks and you can also do the same. Comments and queries are welcome.

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