7 Tips to set realistic writing goals for blog consistency

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Why do you write blogs? For a living? Just for a passion? Or just as a part time business to make MORE money? Whatever the reason, WRITING is there, relevant, whichever aim you may have. If you are a blogger, addicted to blogging, (like me, huh?), you might be facing situations like I do too. Not enough time for writing, couldn’t be able to meet deadlines, not be able to meet goals I set etc.

Why you didn’t meet your goals needs a rethinking. I found quite recently that the problem lies in the very basic thing-Planning. I wrongly calculated my writing efficiency. I can write more than 1000 words per hour, that too fresh content pouring out ideas. So, 8 work hours a day means, 8000 words. Translate it to a week means 56,000 words… Wah… Too nice a dream come true..

Set your own realistic writing goals

Realistic is the word here. Your plan didn’t work like mine because you over-estimated your abilities. Excuse me, I didn’t meant to hurt you; but told a truth. So, here is a set of realistic goals you can set, so as to improve your writing efficiency this year. (Next year? I know you will sharpen this)

Calculate your maximum productivity

Don’t multiply the same 1000 words per hour x 8. Think about an ideal day. Think about the maximum time you can spend for writing. It might be some 3 to 4 hours (in my case). In that 4 hours of writing, you need to proof-read article, add images, do in-site SEO corrections, drink a coffee, pee 2 times etc. So take your ideal writing time as 2 hours. That means, you will be writing content only half the time you spend in front of your computer. It is a fact and your calculations must be based on this thumb rule.

Set weekly goals

Your weekly goals will be like 2000 words x 7=14000, as per my earlier example, right? Nope. it shouldn’t be so. Divide your week into 3 sections. 2×3=6, 1 day extra. It is better to have weekly goals for every 3 days. If you performed better than your first 3 days, make up your mind to out-number the figures for the coming 3 days. This strategy will eventually increase your potential and thereby productivity.

Write now, correct later

Writing part is more time consuming as you have to pour down your ideas into words. It s better to concentrate at it while writing. Write the maximum of content you can in a single session and save the post as draft for further editing later. Write as much as you can and leave the editing, SEO and other works for next schedule. You can proof-read and edit the content after a day, so that you can understand what went wrong with the post and can correct it to create a better content. Adding images, SEO work, cutting down fillers etc. also can be done then.

Multiple blogs? Concentrate one per week.

It is not bad to have 2 or more blogs of different types like- technology, medicine, fitness and art at the same time. However, writing articles for all blogs in every single day is a bad idea. Better write articles for one blog per week. By doing so, you wont feel to skip and go to other blog, while writing. Moreover, you will be in touch with the field and easily remember points to write about. After writing articles, just save them as drafts for auto-publishing on preset days. They will get published automatically and you wont have to worry about consistency in publishing new posts.

Divide task to smaller chunks

Suppose you have 5 main topics in a blog and you have dedicated this week for that particular week. It is advised to have a realistic target on number of posts you can create this week. With 5 main topics, you may create 20 articles so that at least 2 posts can be published for next 10 days. Divide the topics which you are going to write articles about and create drafts accordingly, so that you can write 4 articles a day. Start writing only after drafts are set. Once you start writing, you shouldn’t have to turn back for topics.


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