7 Evergreen topics to blog and earn any time this century

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Evergreen is a word usually irrelevant in almost all fields of life. Nothing is evergreen except ‘change‘ itself. But for bloggers, there are certain topics which are evergreen. Here, evergreen doesnt apply to a particular product, service or condition; but a generic collection of topics. Let us go through a list of evergreen topics for this century, at least. I wrote this article after extensive studies on traffic consistency, revenues figures, monthly hits etc. received by blogs on these topics for a few recent years. I even own and operate a few websites in some of the topics below.

1.  Fitness, Weight loss

Gone are the days of absolute poverty and starvation, at least in modern countries. People are becoming obese and fatty and hence they need some sort of solution for that. Fitness is a shortcut even to date a girl. Obese people are considered less active physically and this enhances the market chances. Write about weight loss, fitness, muscle building and fat burning. Promote some branded, genuine health-care products and you will become an earning machine.

2. Dating & Relationships

As long as human beings live in societies, competition will be there to get a better partner. Dating is a tool for that. Advises for starting, maintaining, breaking relationships has good market value. Membership sites which give sure-shot working tips for dating, sells a lot. Get a few such memberships, get the idea behind and try it yourself. When you feel OK with the expertise you have, build a blog and simply start earning by promoting paid memberships

3. Diseases and health conditions

Until we replace our own biological body parts with robotic arms and similar metallurgical products, diseases will occur. Articles about diseases, usual medication etc. will be helpful to the sufferers. It can help you earn decent revenues through advertisements.

4. Technology & Gadgets

Gadgets may evolve to newer, better products as years go by, but the topic of technology and gadgets will stay fresh. Start a blog on technology and watch the income soaring. Affiliate links to shopping websites, static advertisements, selling products directly through your website are the streams of revenue you should explore.

Check this guide on starting a tech blog

5. Automobiles

Till man find some method to avoid travelling and reaching anywhere without the use of technology, automobiles will continue to be a hot topic for blogging about. Faster cars, cheaper luxuries all need publicity. Start an automobile blog if you are good at explaining features of vehicles in plain, easy-to-understand language. You can earn money through different ways.

  1. add a booking-inquiry form in your blog and sell the leads
  2. add static ads from vehicle dealers
  3. sell accessories, sell ebooks
  4. sell subscription for auto magazines
  5. sell subscription to paid videos which contain secrets to tweak & re-engineer vehicles for better performance etc.
  6. Affiliate sale of products

6. Fashion

Trends are short living but the topic-fashion isnt. If you have a passion in fashion, this is for you. Design something new or write about new designs from famous designers and you will surely get a lot of website traffic. Getting traffic with this is very easy, but monetisation is somewhat difficult. But in my experience, you can use these to earn..

  1. Sell subscriptions of fashion magazine
  2. Google ads
  3. Affiliate sale of products like cosmetics, leather, dress etc.

7. Travel & tourism

Blogging is one of the best ways to earn money at least to cover the expenses of your travelling, (ONLY) if you are a travel-freak. Carry a good and small digital camera with you, shoot pics and videos, publish the travelogue in your blog with the photos and videos in attractive language and the field is yours.  You can earn money through many methods

  1. Stock photo and video sales (Know more here)
  2. Ads of hotels and activity providers (may be you can go for room booking service through your site)
  3. Google ads
  4. Affiliate sale of products you need in a specific area (sweaters for cold places)
  5. Affiliate sale of tour packages (You can contact regional tour operators anywhere you go)
  6. Sale of products from a specific location (contact sellers there and make arrangements for cash transactions and product delivery as per orders)

Topics like banking, finance, legal support, insurance etc. also sells like hot cakes. However, I am not good at those and dont know how to make money from them apart from the usual methods like affiliate sales. If you are good at them, please comment below and let me know too. Cheers..

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