10 Tips on starting, maintaining and monetizing a health blog website

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Health and fitness is a lucrative topic for blogging because of its evergreen nature and the fact that a majority people are very keen in being fit and healthy. Moreover, US citizens are ready to spend good sums in quality products for maintaining health.

Blogging about fitness is not a big deal as you can find at least 1000 topics if you search internet for a day. De-addiction, weight loss, weight gain, skin care, diabetes, cancer etc. are hot topics for bloggers because of popularity and money spent by people on that. Here is an informative guide in starting, maintaining and monetizing a health blog easily.

1. Plan the products and services first

You must have some products or services in mind, to offer potential buyers, so that your blog will have its own purpose and targets to achieve. By products and services, I dont mean that you should have 1000 different products and services, but at least one. The aim of the blog should be promoting the sale of products and services along with providing information to the visitor. Here is how to choose products and services for your blog.

2. Give a green layout & necessary plugins

A health and fitness blog must have a fresh look and shouldnt look like a historic site. Green is the color of life and better arrange your theme with a green layout. Dont forget to install all necessary plugins too, to help your site run smoothly without glitches.

3. Arrange the menu with similar topics

It is wise to discuss similar topics than adding everything related to health. I mean, be precise with the topics you discuss about. For example, if you take fitness as the topic, keep it precise with fitness for women only. If it is about diseases, cover lifestyle diseases only than covering all diseases.

4. Target a specific age group

You must have a specific age-group of people in mind, whom should be the visitors to your blog. If you are talking about diabetes, write articles aiming people of 40 years and older in mind. Language, emotions, ideas you convey etc. should correspond such people in the prime focus.

5. Write some killer and pillar articles

After setting up the blog and choosing the topics, it is time for writing articles. Articles must be simple to understand, yet informative too. There should be enough pillar and killer articles. Pillar articles are long articles covering a bunch of topics which re-direct to smaller killer articles which are detailed articles on a smaller topic. Killer articles usually ends with a call to action too. As an ideal proportion, you should have 100 pillar articles and 400 killer articles to start with.

6. Advertising spaces for ad-oriented sites

If your site’s main income is through publishing third-party advertisements, you should configure your site in such a way to expose ads in a presentable manners. Ads should not feel obtrusive or disturbing and should be placed in well-converting areas too.

7. Facebook and other social media pages for promotion

Now, you should promote your website in social media to get more exposure. Facebook, twitter, digg, delicious, stumble upon, tumblr etc. should be used well for free promotion.

8. Membership management

If you offer access to paid content or paid memberships, this is the time to manage it. Promoting the site well means you start getting paid memberships. Deliver your promises by delivering quality content to members. Update the members’ area with fresh content so that members will stay longer and pay longer.

9. Newsletter services

Email newsletters help your visitors know that your site is being updated regularly and you can occasionally introduce low cost offers to them for memberships. Tempted visitors are your targets for membership and you can convert newsletter recipients to paid members through newsletters.

10. Videos can help a lot

You dont need to be a celebrity to prepare and publish videos. Videos with pictures and just audio commentaries in the background can serve the purpose. They are easy to make and can do wonders. Here is a guide to prepare all types of Youtube videos.


Extra Tip 1

Remember; selling medicines online may require special permissions in some countries. Also, selling health supplements without proper licensing from concerned authorities has caused many bloggers rest behind bars.

Extra tip 2

Visit other health blogs in your own topic regularly to keep yourself updated with the latest trends. It can help you prepare your site with better content than your competitors.  Dont feel bad or think negatively that visiting other blogs can cause their ranks go up.

Hope this article is helpful and informative. If you feel this article needs some more information, just comment in the column below. Feel free to share this with your social circle, as sharing is caring..

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